Anne Blundell.

Born and living on the beautiful Lancashire Coast, "I find much of the inspiration for my paintings here. "

"I love the freedom of expression that naïve work allows and the sheer fun of depicting the characters in the story of each canvas. A keen gardener, I have painted Floral work for many years and find the beauty of Nature itself a constant inspiration. I do work in oils and watercolour but mainly acrylics because I love the range of textures and interesting effects you can achieve with them. I am constantly learning new techniques and experimenting with exciting use of different media and styles of painting and am very much inspiration led. If I see something that inspires, a scene, a flower or play of light or colour, I have this need to paint it."

Art Lounge international has built a huge following in the Leamington and Warwickshire area, we just love the work and our collectors seem to think so also!




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