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Based on the beautiful Lancashire Coast, Anne has found much inspiration both at home and on holiday, which contributes to her lively naïve paintings.  She loves the simplicity of naïve work, where perspective rules don’t apply leaving the artist free to capture the true essence of the scene. Many of the recurring characters in her work tell the tale of daily life. Some of her naïve work has been inspired by Cornish Harbours, while other work depicts the English Lake District in all its glory. Her bright palette of colours, employed in each painting, imbues the scenes with all the gaiety of fondly remembered summer holidays.  Anne continues to expand her portfolio, her latest work inspired by the many places visits  cruising boat.




Anne Blundell, a keen gardener, has painted floral work for many years and finds beauty in nature itself. In her paintings, Anne is very much inspiration led; if something inspires her she has a need to paint it, whether a scene, a flower or a play of light. Her trademark distant perspective reveals an abundance of nooks and crannies, secret paths and intricate architecture all alive with activity and movement. The inspiration for her paintings is mainly from the beautiful Lancashire Coast where Anne was born and still lives.


Anne paints mainly in acrylics due to the range of textures and interesting effects that can be achieved with them, although does work with oils and watercolour too from time to time. She is constantly learning new techniques and experiments with exciting use of different media and styles of painting. Anne’s paintings can be stared at for hours and still new humorous details can be seen.


Art Lounge International love her work and collections and have a huge following in the Leamington and Warwickshire area.

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