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David Renshaw loved painting from an early age and during his school years, soon recognised that his artistic skills would determine his future.  His creative ability led him to studying graphic design where he learned various types of media to create different artwork.   His passion for Art & Graphic design led him on to becoming a picture framer for a local Art Gallery. Surrounded by fine artwork, ranging from the old masters to contemporary works he was inspired to begin producing his own work.  David continued to work in the Picture Framing industry and made a career from it, but he knew deep down that this was not the life he wanted and after working for many years in this industry David eventually decided it was time to follow his dreams and resigned from his career to concentrate on his artwork full time. "Deep down I think I always knew what I wanted to do for a living and in my school years I remember my father teaching me some basic elements of drawing and I dreamed of one da



Oil and Acrylic.


David Renshaw had a deep fascination of art from an early age. During his school years, he remembers his father

teaching him some basic elements of drawing using light and shade in pencils. Inspired, David dreamed of one day becoming an artist. With his focus firmly set on pursuing a career related to art, David studied Graphic Design at Southport College followed by employment in a local art gallery as a picture framer.


"I have mainly developing techniques and ideas and in 2005 decided it was time to follow my dreams and dedicate myself to painting full time. "I always try to make my work feel atmospheric, and I like to pay particular attention to sky and cloud formations as I consider this element of my work to be extremely important to the mood of the finished painting, whether it be a dramatic sunset or a misty moonlit night. Although I enjoyed my job I still knew that this was not the life I really wanted and I eventually decided it was time to follow my dreams and with the support of my wife and two children took the plunge, leaving my job to concentrate on painting full time. I now enjoy painting a broad range of subjects mainly in oils & acrylics and I am lucky to be represented by a selection of beautiful art galleries across the UK.

Art Lounge international was one of three galleries to showcase David Renshaw's work here in the United Kingdom., art lounge international, show me a gallery that sells art online, david renshaw artist,

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