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Art Lounge International is delighted to announce we will be stocking works by established contemporary artist Emma S Davis. Emma has been drawing and painting for as long as she's can remember. Emma was fortunate to have parents that are artists and with this she always admired their creativity from a very young age and dreamt that one day she could be as accomplished as them.She would draw  and sketch every single day and would never venture anywhere without her artist sketch book.

She recalls as a very young child visiting prestigious galleries and museums and just being in awe of everything that she saw. It was then no surprise that her only goal through my earlier school days was to go on to the Glasgow School of Art to study drawing and painting and have the privilege of working in the MacIntosh studios.It was by no luck but sheer determination that  in 1994 that dream became a reality as she was accepted in to the GSA.

Emma S Davis graduated in 1998 and have been lucky enough to be painting full time ever since.

Emma's own Gallery commitments and commissions have kept her extremely busy since graduating and every day she is grateful that she actually get's to do what is her first love and to "Paint"

Now married with two little girls her studio is now filled with the dirty little hands that her parents once had too. We look forwards to welcoming Emma to the Art Lounge portfolio.

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