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Marc Esteve at Art Lounge International is a feature artist that needs no introduction. Born in Alcoy in 1971,he studied at the d’Arte d’Alcoi university. In 1994 he left Alcoy to look for a residence near the sea. He continues to draw his inspiration from the movement and the light of the sea but now includes local muses to create well-rounded hyper-realistic works of art.

In 1997 he began his studies at the university of Fine Arts of Altea. At 30 he moved back to his hometown Alcoy where he now resides bringing the inspiration of the past years back into his art work. Esteve’s work can be found in national and private collections in locales such as Spain, England, Portugal and Russia. His work is also a part of the Royal Collection at the palace in Saudi Arabia.

Marc Esteve has participated in many collective exhibitions in his native Spain.
His great sense of aesthetics comes out best in oil painting, his most refined expression. On the surface, his excellent technique creates almost real moments. Fabrics that fold with true authenticity, inanimate objects in which every inch of its environment fills it with life corners together with the ever present Mediterranean Sea. Cobblestone beaches of his childhood that do not seem to be a picture, but rather to be reality itself. We have a large variety of pieces in our Leamington gallery H.Q.

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