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Airbrush,icons and the imaginative world of Andy Caddick.

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Every once in a while we stumble on an artist that we believe will define the path in which a particular genre of art is promoted. Andy Caddick is no exception.

Andy is not only a very unassuming artists but also perhaps does not realise his own talents in the commercial art world,occasionally the word 'Genius' springs to mind.

"This has been a long journey, it has taken a few different paths leading up to the achievement of a goal I’ve had for a long time now. I am an artist specialising in the use of airbrush, incorporating realism techniques into mixed media pieces that can be classed as modern/urban. My style is unique and in terms of being represented in the ‘fine art’ world, it has been somewhat of a see, the airbrush is often looked down upon as a tool, but those who use one will know that the skill and techniques involved in creating high quality art, do not come easily. I made it a goal that I would positively promote the use of the airbrush in my pieces and get them in mainstream galleries. Times have changed, and there is an insurgence of ‘urban’ art and I feel I have come along at the right time! I am proud to say that my original art work is represented by northern editions fine art publishers and very soon, my collections will be promoted and available to purchase via leading galleries such as Art lounge galleries in the UK. This journey has not come easily and I have been torn between many forms of artists expression, but the bottom line is, I pursued and continued in my belief and my passion and things have finally paid off. I am open to any commissioned work and will always be available for any questions or queries regarding my work. My commission work tends to be in a photo-realistic style, something that I have a real passion for and has taken many hours/days/years to gain the necessary skills and techniques to accomplish this. Commissioned pieces start from around £300 framed for approximately 19”x 14” but please contact for an accurate quote. It’s early days yet, but the original pieces I create will be uploaded here and I look forward to sharing some cool pieces in the coming months as things are about to get very busy! Thank you to all those who have supported me over the years and thanks to my friends in the art world for offering words of advice and guidance."

Watch this space!

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