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Another stunning day at Art lounge Galleries Retail.

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Another glorious sunny day at Art lounge International.

Today we bring you a sensational new artist Ben Goymour.

Born in 1985 Ben lived in Peterborough most of his civilian life. He joined the Army at 16 and served in29 Commando Regiment as a Bombardier. Then he became a builder and carpenter.

In February 2017 on a trip to the Lake District, Ben could not afford a painting he loved in a local gallery, so decided on his return, to paint one for himself. this sparked a passion and a desire to paint. Being self-taught, and now venturing into art full time, he is greatly appreciative of his supportive family.

Ben is going to embrace this new chapter of his life with much excitement and enthusiasm

Stay tunes for further new works!

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