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Love , Life the Universe and Lorenzo Quinn.

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

We are delighted to welcome back Italian contemporary sculptor and artist Lorenzo Quinn to the international portfolio at the gallery.

Since 1991 the gallery has had numerous engagements in both the locating and curating of collections for private clients and commercial projects throughout the United Kingdom.

I recall that the first pieces of sculpture were showcased by our gallery directors at our small Regent street gallery in Royal Leamington Spa circa 1991, where Lorenzo really was at the inception of his U.K debut and newly signed to a large publisher in Birmingham.

The mainly bronze format sculptures were incredibly well detailed and were set upon marble and granite plinth and base giving a luxurious contrast of materials for the viewers to admire and feast on.The works were well supported with already an illustrious background with Quinn's acting background and of course his father Anthony Quinn.

Sales were coming in thick and fast and it was clearly evident that in Lorenzo a new star was born here,dazzling art collectors with his sometimes controversial and conceptual approaches in his forms and theology.

Born on 7th May 1966 in Rome to the Oscar Award winning Mexican American actor Anthony Quinn and his second wife, costume designer Iolanda Addolori, Quinn’s childhood was split between Italy and the United States. His father had a profound influence on him, both in terms of living in the limelight of the film world and with respect to Anthony’s early work in painting and sculpting architecture.

Quinn graduated from New York University in ‘88 and studied at the American Academy of Fine Arts in New York. He vividly recalls the moment in 1989 when he felt that he had created his first genuine work of art: ‘I had made a torso from Michelangelo’s drawing of Adam… an artisan’s job … I had an idea and began chiselling away, and Eve came out of Adam’s body… It had started as a purely academic exercise, yet it had become an artwork.’

In 1988 Quinn married Giovanna Cicutto, and on the birth of the first of their three sons they decided to leave New York – a place that ‘hardens your human values’ – and settle in Spain. ‘We chose Spain for its Latin character, its fervour and values of people and family, and for its great artistic trajectory’, he explains.

In his twenties Quinn enjoyed a brief acting career, including playing alongside his father in Stradivari (1989), and also giving an acclaimed performance as Salvador Dalí. However, he did not enjoy working in the acting profession and decided to concentrate purely on sculpture.

Quinn’s creative ideas spark quickly into life: ‘The inspiration comes within a millisecond’, he says, as he is driven to sculpt by observing life’s everyday energy. Yet a finished project takes months to realise, and it has to carry a clear meaning. Quinn usually conceives each work in writing, and the poetic text is ultimately displayed with the sculpture, as an integral part of the piece, not merely as an explanation.

We look forward to showcasing further exquisite pieces from both his Exclusive collection and also his rare Large format pieces.

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