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Well it’s the inevitable!, the word on everybody’s lips in the industry is NFT..But what exactly is in NFT and how exactly does it work ?.To most traditional galleries and most collectors it’s a bit of a complex minefield at the moment but here at Art Lounge international we want to embrace the future of art platforms and technology of what looks like a completely new era for the way we admire,collect ,sell and purchase artwork.

With gallery secondary resales here already from the Damien

Hirst currency collection and great expectations, we have already seen this market place explode across our collectors base but can see for the rewards will come some risk.

The REFLECTIONS NFT collection by Rich Simmons is based on a painting that has transcended being a painting on gallery wall and has been turned into street art, silk screen prints and now reimagined with a range of new elements for its debut NFT release.

Different artworks now appear in the glasses, with different colours of hair, skin, nails, lips and lenses creating thousands of unique, collectable variations.

Rich is a true art entrepreneur.. some might say a visionary… his enduring determination and tenacity and ability to spot future trends and adapt to changing markets is quite remarkable.

His forthcoming collection We’ll celebrate some of the world's greatest masterpieces and the randomly generated ranges take the experience of seeing art in the museum reflected through her glasses and transpires it into the digital world of NFT galleries.

We wish him all the very best with this new project and I will be watching him take the new revolutionary market by storm again! Join him on Discord community and check his videos on YouTube to learn more.Whether digital art and cryptocurrency is an area you wish not to explore it looks like certainly here to stay!


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