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Pop! Enter Paris superstar Monika Nowak.

Another sensational signing at Art Lounge International.Today we bring you Parisian super star artist Monika Nowak

A global pop art sensation Nowak was born in the centre of France in a place called Clermont Ferrand from a family of Polish artists.

After graduating from prestigious universities of Beaux arts in Paris, she worked for many years as a creative director for several global media companies. Monika's work explores intuition, energy and independent and provocative proactive subjects.

Her bold, bright and colourful depictions are inspired by sexy pop heroines and she constantly expresses a certain vision of today’s woman ,strong but "fragile". During her artistic career she developed an amazing vision of aesthetic and melancholic alternatives in her art forms.

Monica has exhibited in the art world’s most prestigious galleries and public exhibitions and has a very seasoned resume amongst some of the emerging global talents.

We are extremely grateful to be representing the original works of Monica at Art Lounge International and look forward to her debut collection in 2022.

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