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Spanish Sensation David Noalia joins the gallery.

We are delighted to announce an international exclusive collaboration with Spanish sensation David Noalia

David is a remarkable artist and we here at Art lounge galleries have been watching his works develop over the last year or so. He is a man of vision style and colour and originally based in Seville Spain, Noalia is making a huge impact among our collectors community in the United Kingdom. He is known best for his dynamic signature abstract paintings alongside the subjects of equestrian, portraiture and nature.

He continues to draw attention from investors all over the world with his dramatic horse Callabros paintings which capture an essence of his native country with hugely dynamic and energetic large-scale paintings.

David continually showcases his woks in exhibitions around the globe with investment coming in from Middle East ,USA ,Europe and the United Kingdom .

We are delighted here to be representing David exclusively throughout Art Lounge International in the United Kingdom.

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