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U.S artist set to Invade U.K wildlife art scene.

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Well it's been a long time coming. We are proud to be working alongside Nick Sider here at Art Lounge international. We have been communicating and curating with nick from here on the other side of the world and can not wait to launch his exquisite hyperrealist wildlife paintings.

Ever since he was a child, Canadian artist Nick Sider has had a fascination with tigers. He pays homage to the majestic big cat and other wild animals with his incredible, hyperrealistic paintings that are so detailed, the fierce subjects look as though they could come to life and leap from their canvases at any moment. In fact, this is exactly what the talented artist aims to achieve. He reveals, “My favourite moment while painting is when a subject on my canvas begins to come alive.”

It’s been Sider’s dream to become an artist ever since a young age, but it wasn’t until he was 25 that he quit his job to pursue painting full-time. Now based in New York City, the self-taught artist has gained international recognition for his hyperrealistic paintings that are meticulously rendered in acrylic paint. Sider paints a range of subjects—including portraits of people—but his animal paintings are particularly eye-catching. From tigers and lions to horses and bears, each piece captures both the stunning beauty and the wild ferociousness of these incredible creatures in full detail.

Stay tuned to see more updates here on the blog.

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