Original Art- Mixed Media Acrylic /Oil with metalic reliefs and high gloss resin
Size: Art Work size 48X48"

Framed in white.

Wendy Satchwell- Universal Enigma 1 Original

  • Her highly textured surfaces are created by layering oil, water-based paint and mixed media while including her signature dots - which represent Wendy and the people around her. The depth of colour, composition and form represent emotions and experiences.

    Although abstract, each piece is very considered and the colours and shapes are meticulously planned long before she starts painting. The finishing touch sees the application of a glass-like resin coating, which enhances both the colour and deliberate imperfections of the piece.

  • Reterns must be made within 48 hours and only if the product is defective or damaged.

    Buyer pays retern postage.





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