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Mixed Media


Ruby Keller creates dynamic abstract and wildlife paintings using mostly pastel as it lends itself very well to the textures he paints, although sometimes uses oil and other mediums too. Although Keller showed early artistic talent, he trained as an electrician when he left school and only painted in his spare time. Five years later he made the change to painting on a full-time basis, developing his own distinctive style.

Mainly self-taught, Ruby Keller is a pseudonym name under which Peter Worswick paints. This has enabled him to explore and develop different styles aside from his highly regarded figurative and landscape paintings. Using pastels allows Keller to create wildlife paintings that combine both rich and delicate colours along with numerous textures. These experimental images proved to be an instant success and he has been invited to exhibit at many prestigious galleries throughout the UK. Keller himself has said ‘an artist’s work has to stay fresh, so he constantly needs new ideas. Evolution happens naturally as you strive to improve.’

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