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New and Exclusive


Art Lounge international is proud to co promote and represent some exclusive works by the exquisite works of airbrush virtuoso that is Andy Caddick.

Andy Caddick developed his epic extraordinary airbrush techniques studying under some of the world's leading authorities in media. We have enjoyed showcasing several works which have all sold out to our ever growing client base here in the gallery.

He incorporates hyperrealism techniques into mixed media portrait pieces but has more recently specialised in his love for wildlife as his set genre. Caddick has found being represented in the ‘fine art’ world somewhat of a challenge due to airbrush being looked down upon as a tool. Those who use airbrush know that the skills and techniques involved in creating high quality art do not come easy. Caddick himself has said ‘This has been a long journey, it has taken a few different paths leading up to achievement of a goal I’ve had for a long time now.’


Art Lounge International is has helped build a huge following in Leamington and the Warwickshire area for Andy's work with sell out collections as stock arrives. Caddick is very busy creating more original artwork and is looking forward to sharing more cool pieces in the coming months. The majority of his pieces so far portray unique depictions of famous faces and wildlife.


Caddick is open to any commissioned work and will always be available for any questions or queries regarding his work.

andy caddick.png
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