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Gallery Locations and exhibitions

Our head office H.Q is now situated in the charming historic town of Warwick and Royal Leamington spa the beating heart of the Shakespeare country.

We have our own temporary private luxury gallery space which is operating only on an appointment basis at this time due to COVID-19.The private space is similar to our showroom spaces and includes a sumptuous private viewing room where you can see the works in a more intimate surroundings and learn about the provenance of both the artist and the work.


The gallery runs a regular series of solo and joint exhibitions, evening openings and meet-the artist events. We hope to reopen our full showroom facility as soon as we can.

Our past five galleries locations & exhibitions include

206-208 Emscote Road Warwick  (1969-1985)

L.S Lowry exhibition 1975

David Shepherd exhibition 1976

Helen Bradley exhibition 1977

L.S Lowry exhibition 1978

Sir William Russell Flint Exhibition 1980

19 Regent Street Leamington Spa (1985-2008)

Micheal Felmingham Venice in Peril  exhibition 1986

Micheal Felmingham Venice in Peril exhibition 1990

Adam Barsby Journey of Dream maker exhibition 2002

Peter Smith exhibition 2003

Mackenzie Thorpe Game of life 2003

Alexander Miller Exhibition Gadgies and Gals 2004

Doug Hyde Smile Exhibition 2005

Fabian Perez Passion Falstaff Hotel  U.S.A  L.A 2006


106 Warwick Street Leamington Spa (2008-2012)

Doug Hyde exhibition guest appearance 2008

Fabian Perez exhibition guest appearance  U.S.A 2009

Todd White exhibition guest appearance L.A 2009

Darren Baker exhibition guest appearance 2009

Rolf Harris exhibition 2010

Henderson Cisz exhibition guest appearance 2010

Duncan Mcgregor exhibition guest appearance 2011

David Renshaw Landscapes 2011

Paul Oz Finger tips exhibition  Guest appearance 2011

Chris Morgan Still Life 2011

Royal priors shopping centre  Leamington Spa 2013-2015

Leigh Lambert 2013 guest appearance

Chris Morgan Still Life 2014 guest appearance

Darren Baker Power 2014 guest appearance

Jack Vettriano 2014

Kerry Darlington 2014 guest appearance

Lhouette Material Girl 2015

Leigh Lambert 2015 "When the day was done"guest appearance

Andrei Protsouk U.S.A  guest appearance

Mark Duffin live 2015

Royal priors shopping centre Upper  Mall Leamington Spa  2016-2017

H.Q Leamington Spa office  2017-Current 

Darren Baker guest appearance 2016

Past Art Exhibition Photo Gallery Warwick and Leamington Spa

Past exhibitions featuring the UK's best selling artists including Kerry Darlington, Leigh Lambert, LS Lowry, Doug Hyde, Fabian Perez, Todd White, Darren Baker, Henderson Cisz, Paul Oz, David Renshaw, Jack Vettriano,Mackenzie Thorpe, Alexander Miller, Peter Smith and Andrei Protsouk.

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