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Ben Goymour became an artist after visiting the Lake District and being unable to afford a painting he loved, choosing to paint one himself on his return home. Enjoying it so much, he then spent all his spare time painting, both before and after work on site for his building company and gained a collected of fine art landscapes and seascapes. His wife then contacted local galleries and the UK’s top Art Agency for which we are all very grateful of.


Prior to this building company, Ben Goymour was in the Army from the age of 16, serving as a Bombardier in 29 Commando Regiment. His civilian life has been spent living in Peterborough as a builder and carpenter, spending weekends wild camping and hiking.


Ben himself says he does not have a painting style, instead he prefers to create new ranges and experiment with different “styles” and techniques. He has clearly discovered a fabulous artistic flair and has embraced this new chapter of his life with excitement, enthusiasm and dedication.


Art Lounge International is enthusiastic to share this stunning self-taught artists work.

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