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Bram Reijnders is exclusive to Art Lounge International in the United Kingdom. Already in a space of six months, he has become a sensation among our collectors with sell outs of his works on a regular basis.


Reijnders faced many obstacles along the road which led him to becoming the contemporary artist he is today. As a successful young businessman, Reijnders had a dream one night of travelling abroad for an adventure. The next day he quit his business career, went to the airport and booked a flight to Rio de Janeiro. It was here that he fell in love with a piece of art. Due to his experience from this piece of art, he chose to dedicate his life to art.


According to Reijnders, you have to step out of your comfort zone to really grow and make an impact. This is why he travels as a collector of the ordinary to world cities to photograph “urban magic”, diving into different cultures with tension and heavy energy. Reijnders sees art as an action more than a narrative, decontextualizing pieces of reality and adding new urban images, pop culture and mass consumption items in them.

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