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Steven Mcloughlin, a self-taught artist, aims to have a narrative running through his paintings, letting the viewer put themselves into the scene. He has been inspired for many years by the varied British coastline and landscape, from the of East Norfolk, through the other counties down to Cornwall. Painting primarily in oils, he often starts at the location but finishes in his studio in Derbyshire where he was born in 1970 and still lives. Using a glazing technique, building up think layers of paint to create depth and luminosity plays a large part in Steven’s work.


The interaction and activity of people with the landscapes has become more and more important in Steven’s paintings. He tries to capture the mood of a scene, depicting the weather or light and its effects on the surroundings.


Steven has had work exhibited at the Mall Gallery, London and has had numerous solo and joint exhibitions in around England, including Derbyshire, Yorkshire, Norfolk and the Cotswolds. Art Lounge International has built a huge following in the Leamington and Warwickshire area, we just love his work.

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