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Art Lounge international has enjoyed representing David Farren since year 2000 at our Regent and Warwick Street galleries and have placed a wide range of Original and limited editions in the local vicinity.

David is a unique stylist of modern impressionist genre and known as a painter of street and landscape.

David tends to spend his time concentrating on the effects of light with his chosen subjects. He was born in Wiltshire and gained a firm reputation as a modern impressionist, using vague and broad brushwork and colours to represent the energy of the landscape.

David was born in 1972 in Wiltshire. He considers himself mainly self taught although he did complete an art foundation at the University of the West of England in Bristol followed by a short period studying fine art. 

Farren produces high impact visual paintings in acrylic and oils. David enjoys the immediacy and versatility of both mediums which he finds particularly well suited to his direct, impressionistic and expressive style of painting usually plein air. He is fascinated by the changing seasons and how the varied light affects a scene, and his distinctive use of colour is an essential part of reflecting this.

David also enjoys painting landscapes and finds inspiration in the nearby Lake District and Yorkshire Dales, as well as from his travels abroad.

David uses an impressionistic brushwork style and soft mixed colours to represent the plein air feel and to capture the chasing light of the urban landscape, providing a visual diary of everyday scenes. His main aim is to capture the ambience and individuality of some of the world's most exciting cities from a street level, concentrating on the people as they go about their daily lives.

David adds

"Since visiting New York for the first time in 2000, I have found a real passion for depicting urban day to day scenes and trying to capture the energy and drama of city life. I was overwhelmed by its scale and vibrancy and have returned several times since to express the different moods of the city in paint. I also have a great fondness for European cities with their mixture of old and new architecture. I like to concentrate on the people as they go about their everyday business and try to capture moments of everyday life."

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