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Mixed Media


David Noalia is a man of vision, style and colour. Based in Seville Spain Noalia is making a huge impact among the art collecting community.

Renowned for his dynamic signature abstract equestrian paintings alongside the subject of portraiture and nature his work continues to draw attention from investors all over the world.

A reoccurring subject is the Andalusian horse which captures the energy and essence of Spain at its best, the passion the colour and the drama.

A subject close to his heart and country David specialises in spanish Callabros depicted in a semi abstract composition. The essence of the Spanish culture allows me to reach any person with my own visual portrayal capturing the power and energy of the show and dressage horse.

Art Lounge International will be representing the work of David here in the U.K.

Noalia quotes,"It is a universal theme and I am passionate about movement, elegance and power."He combines artistic inspiration with timeless beauty to create memorable canvasses that have the power to transform lives. Influenced by the palette and light of Sorolla, brushstrokes of Velazquez and abstract interpretations of the great Gerard Richter.His paintings joyfully reference the history of painting in a contemporary and vivid light.

Noalia’s continually developing collections of paintings continue to draw admirers and collectors across the UK, Europe, USA and Middle East.

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