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David Smith became aware of the beauty in undulating mountains, tree-laden valleys, fast flowing rivers and quiet twinkling streams in his adventures into the countryside during school holidays. Influenced by his grandfather who was a keen amateur artist, David himself then started painting. Choosing to echo his love of the British countryside, David aims to record life and the surroundings we live in, both past and present after having observed a lot of changes over the past few decades in the North of England.  David himself says ‘if it makes you smile then my job is complete!’


David initially painted as a hobby but eventually decided to pursue it full time. Now a professional artist, his paintings are admired by fine art collectors throughout Europe, Australia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, North America and Pacific Rim. Similarities can be seen between David Smith and well-loved artist L.S Lowry. Art Lounge International are looking forward to seeing the northern works in particular.

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