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Painting, Prints


Dirty Hans is a self-taught artist, born and brought up mostly in Liverpool. Initially painting to help calm his childhood hyperactive tendencies rather than as a serious artist, he took inspiration from 1950’s culture, movies and comic books. After seeing work by Roy Lichtenstein and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec he became more serious and took inspiration from these painting styles. Living in Antwerp for 9 years, travelling experiences also influenced his techniques, giving enthusiasm to his focus.


Painting with acrylics and spray paints on canvas, Dirty Hans produces pop art, renaissance pieces and now experiments with digital, mixed media.


Unable to use vocabulary to explain his art work, Dirty Hans prefers collectors to feel, see and sense his paintings, leaving the artwork to do the talking for him. His creative artistic ability is going from strength to strength and has attracted collectors worldwide, proving to be a competitive force in the new media art world. Art Lounge International is therefore very proud to be able to present his work.

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