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Oil and Acrylic.

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Art Lounge International are delighted to be representing Francisco Bartus.

Francisco is a Spanish painter born in 1965 in Valencia. He was vastly encouraged by his teachers at school to procure his love for Art and after completing his education he started his career as a professional designer and plastic artist. in this first stage he focused the subjects of his works in still life's in which he applied modern language and techniques that were enthusiastically accepted by galleries and the public alike.
Then under the influence of the ideas of Carl Jung,he decided to change to a new genre to show in a plastic and bright expression how some of our deepest feelings are partially inherited and are not only shaped by our personal or individual experience. Bartus therefore developed his own unique style to produce the unique artworks that we display,combining powerful pictorial techniques with an idea of the human nature that underlies his most recent themes.
The use of mixed media creates a 3D dimension that makes his pieces so extraordinarily unique. The layering and execution of paint is striking and adds another dimension to Bartus’s process. His works are innovative and unique combining a variety of materials and techniques with fresh ideas to create exciting works.
Bartus has been widely exhibited in several galleries in USA, mainly in Florida, California and New York. Also in Europe, France, Spain and recently Germany and Switzerland

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