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Art Lounge International are proud to represent new comer Gary Sams.

Gary is now aged  44 years old and was born in Carlshalton, Surrey.

Essentially a british contemporary cityscape artist Gary captures the essence of true Plein air painting with a very distinctive impressionist style.

Gary moved further south to Poole, Dorset when he was five years old, he now lives in Alicante, Spain.Gary's love for romantic cityscapes is obvious as he captures the popular cities around the world full of magic and compressed energy.

When Gary was just nineteen years of age, he attended the Arts Institute in Bournemouth from the years 1994-97 where he studied Illustration, learning a variety of techniques and mediums.

His biggest aim in painting is to touch someone on a deeper more personal level and evoke a more powerful response much like a beautiful piece of music. Living in Spain is a constant source of inspiration, which feeds through to Gary's work, reflecting the sharpness of the light and the colours bright and vivid colours.

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