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Lukey art asks you to open your eyes and your mind to the beautifully peculiar. With a style that seems to take influence from graffiti culture and cartoons, but adds its own psychedelic touch, Lukey is able to present you with some astounding creations which you can't help but focus your eyes upon.

PURE INVENTION: Art Lounge international is proud to be representing the work of Lukey in the Warwickshire area and is considered one of the leading galleries in urban art. Opting to paint under a pseudonym, not much is known about the person behind Lukey, and this means that you are able to delve into the rich and energetic world which Lukey conjures up without having the experience connected to the real world. Everything remains an adventure with Lukey, and you are able to live in that adventurous and magical land with each piece that Lukey creates.

DREAMWORLDS OF CREATION: There is an almost childlike quality to the pieces of art, but this itself is then placed in friction which something with a little bit more edge. The pure joy, excitement and vitality of the colours jumping out at you then lifts this intriguing combination of moods into its own space entirely.

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