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Marc Esteve at Art Lounge International is a feature artist that needs no introduction.

Marc was Born in Alcoy in 1971 where he studied at the d’Arte d’Alcoi university. Marc has been internationally renowned for many year now with his works becoming notably collected in the United States and here the U.K. In 1994 Marc decided he must  leave Alcoy to look for a new home and residence near the wonders and splendour of the seascape. He to this day continues to draw his all of his inspiration from the movement and the romantic light effects of the sea but now includes local viewpoints to create more familiar hyper-realistic works of art with grand status and extraordinary detail.

In and around 1997 Marc began his major studies at the university of Fine Arts of Altea. At  the age of thirty he then decided it was in his heart to move back to his hometown Alcoy, where he now presently resides bringing the inspiration of the past years back into his art work. Marc Esteve’s work can be found now in many international and private collections  and in local regions such as Spain, England, Portugal and Russia and more notable collection is the United States of America.His work is also a part of the Royal Collection at the palace in Saudi Arabia.

Marc Esteve has successfully participated in many major exhibitions in his home country of Spain.
His great sense of visual aesthetic evidently emerges best in his finished oil paintings.

He works extensively to perfect his most refined expression and immense detail. On the surface. His works provoke a sense of melancholy among his viewers with his incredible technique creating almost real moments in the eye of the collector. We have a large variety of pieces in our Leamington gallery H.Q. and some very rare pieces that were exhibited in the prestigious China art fair.

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