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Conrado Lopez "Geisha"new collection.

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Art Lounge International is delighted to have direct access to the stunning new collection of original paintings by fast rising artistic star Conrado Lopez.The dynamic new collection consists of several rare mixed media paintings on canvas that showcase an incredibly brave contrast of eastern mystery combined with urban bliss.The results are quite spectacular.

David Sands the C.E.O of the International group comments-

"Conrado is an exciting emerging talent of epic proportion,we identified his extraordinary ability to be able to fuse the current "signature"style of his street art whilst demonstrating the ability to capture the effect of great master paintings such as Rembrandt.".The works immediately create a visual impact, a feeling of power and prowess yet sublime and delicate sophistication in terms of the narrative, it is extremely clever and something that is unique in our current market place."

He adds-

"With such huge demand globally for emerging blue chip potential it is refreshing to be able to be involved with such diverse talent of this calibre,after 36 years scouring the globe and exhibiting the very finest emerging talent we are confident we have the next major artist in this field." We are specialising now in identifying such talents as Conrado and are very excited for the future of this remarkable artist both here in the U.K and in Europe ."

"The works of Conrado Lopez are already considered to be one of the most rapidly climbing investments in this asset class of several new emerging global talents ,with high interest already within the first six months in New York, L.A ,Europe and the far east."

"Our order books already are over flowing with commissions unlikely to be created with in a twelve month period now."

The magical world of the Geisha and all of its nostalgia is steeped history and the incredible 'transfer' of this subject to a canvas by Conrado is quite mesmerising.

Geisha (Kanazawa) are a class of female Japanese performance artists and entertainers trained in traditional Japanese performing arts styles, such as dance, music and singing, as well as being proficient conversationalists and hosts. Their distinct appearance is characterised by Condrado by painting whilst creating highlights and elements of distorted memory and light, creating images of reality but in a sense of daydream allure and fantasy.

Conrado has produced this specific range of works after a close project brief between the gallery and artist himself.He succeeds in showing the classical beauty and sitting pose as well as the long, allure of the trailing kimono and traditional hairstyles of oshiroi make-up.

Conrado wanted to capture the energy and 'still 'nature of the classic Geisha meeting. The works have a glowing reminiscence of the famous style of the Quentin Tarantino films with a slightly 'retro' graphical influence in the works themselves.

Our particular favourite piece is the"Falling in Love"oversize canvas commissioned especially for the gallery directors own art collection. He comments-

"Conrado produced a small painting a while ago as a sketch before creating this larger piece and this particular painting stopped me in my tracks. It for me captured a intimate moment in time...a 'perfect' moment in time that provokes an emotional response with the viewer. "This is something I rarely see in a painting as is indeed very unusual to see nowadays, it's the artist using his heart and soul connected together before paint is applied to canvas and the end result is something more than a conventional painting."

"The results are quite obvious, this is not just a painting but a moment in time captured that the viewer can interpretate forever, that for me defines real art."

The collection of striking paintings will be available to pre reserve by contacting the gallery H.Q ahead of the planned private official Mayfair Champagne launch later this year.

Image of "Controluz" original recently sold and installed in a clients private collection.

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