Original Art- A one off 3d original in unique colours layered stencil on glass sheet.
Size: Art Work size approx 120cmx120cm"

Framed in white double raised black contempory edge.

STATIC BROTHERS - Diosa XL - Original Spray can on layered glass.

  • S T A T I C  (welikestatic) is the combined creative output of Craig Evans & Tom Jackson.

    Founded in 2006 in a derelict block of flats with a sea view, S T A T I C  have worked with a number of international galleries and have painted murals in the UK and as far away as Japan.

    They have been based in London since 2008 and as well as being founding members of Wood Street Walls, spent 2 months renovating a disused school building to create a shared workspace - Wood Street Studios - which opened its doors in 2017.


    S T A T I C  have built a reputation based on high production quality and a keen eye for detail, not only for the artworks they have made for galleries and private collections, but also for the murals and public art projects they have completed over the years.

    Their use of layered glass and assemblage has defined a style that has allowed them to explore a number of themes loosely reflective of urban tribes and trends, creating a unique visual language which continues to evolve as they challenge themselves to build on their past experiences and search for new stories to tell.

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