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Mixed Media


Art lounge International in Royal Leamington Spa are excited to be showcasing works by British Contemporary artist Sara Pope. Sara is considered as the "one to watch" this year as her popularity and demand soars.

Sara is best known for her graphically bold  and engaging paintings of seductive lips.

Sara took huge inspiration from a hugely successful career in the fashion industry. Originally she was a shoe designer for major fashion brands such as Paul Smith and also her work in famous high brow magazines.

Sara Pope aims within her work to capture the essence and compressed energy of the anatomy of the lips.Every piece tells a story.

She is very much dedicated to the pursuit of perfection and this shows in her pieces.Sara is proud of her commercial experience thus far and is still to this day hungry to explore new themes within her paintings.

Sara will always begin with the starting point as simple as  a cosmetic brush and a red lipstick.

The end result is a very stylistic competence and visually striking end creation that nearly always result as a perfect as can be, almost irresistible.

Sara will begin her process with painting the models lips and then using unusual techniques with the use of lighting. She then continues in the process of creating the "perfect lips". Sometimes Sara asks the model to try to express different emotion which she captures in the form of a photo.

Sarah will examine the photo and then go on to using the  shots as inspiration as she begins the artwork sketching out process.The deep and complex painting process involves multiple layers of oil paints first diluted into a thinner mix and then paint being overlaid several times, blending and smoothing the colours extensively along the way, sometimes also mixing lipstick into the paint for an extra layer of luxury.

Sara’s work has been shown in numerous exhibitions and fairs across London and internationally including the Next Street Gallery Paris ,The Saatchi Gallery London, The London Original Print Fair  Royal Academy of Arts and SCOPE Miami.

Sara sells work regularly at auction at Bonhams Auction House, and is also the first British female artist in over 70 years to have a piece of work accepted into the Vatican collection.

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