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Mixed Media


Art Lounge international is delighted to announce new artist Stephen Simpson,a stunning  new addition to the portfolio. Stephen is an internationally collected visual contemporary artist who has become established here in the U.K. His signature and iconic artistic abstract style has been recently been superseded by his love for botanical paintings

Stephen’s dynamic paintings are a part of a new genre that is emerging on to the commercial art scene, His works are complex and include influences of Egyptian hieroglyphics of lotus flowers and Vincent van Gogh’s sunflower paintings. His works have been described as  “contemporary take on a classical subject”.Stephen experiments with a range of styles and compositions from small square paintings to large scale panoramic works.

His art is an exhilarating tour of the botanical wonders of nature and the world of Abstract.

Roses, poppies, daisies, hibiscuses and sunflowers are all depicted in a spectrum of different colours, including bold primary tones and delicate pastel shades.

Artistic inspiration include the famous master modernist painter Édouard Manet and the pioneering American artist Georgia O’Keeffe.Stephen is also fascinated by how  painter J.M.W. Turner managed to create the illusion of light and perspective. Drawn to the landscapes and coastlines of northeast England, he can be moved to create a new painting by the embers of a fire or a storm at sea.

Stephen says: “I want people to smile when they see the work. I want them to be happy. I want to evoke an emotional response, like when you receive flowers in real life. Everyone can relate to floral paintings on some level.”

Often chosen by collectors for a wedding or anniversary gift, his romantic scenes feature bouquets, along with earthy landscapes and intricate details of petals.

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