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Mixed Media


Veronika Benoni is a true professional, and hugely respected in the art world. Here at Art Lounge International we are very happy to be working with such a renowned artist, and hope to do so for many years to come. Veronika studied in the former USSR and was lucky enough to have her grandfather who was an architect, support and guide her through her years of study. 


Veronika went through a period of being a jewellery artist after meeting her husband Ulian, then after moving to Prague in 1994 she began painting in earnest. In 1998 the Benoni's set up their school of painting and graphics. Three years later they opened their first picture gallery in Mall Strana central Prague. Veronika now works on canvas, and paints mainly in acrylics, cleverly embellishing her work with silver and gold leaf. This unique style of mixed-media painting has become incredibly popular in the United Kingdom since they became available about a year ago. Here at at art lounge Gallery we are lucky enough to have one of the largest selections of Veronika Benoni’s work in this country. 

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