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Painting, Prints


Vichit Nongnual is a Thai artist famous among collectors, gallery owners and enthusiasts of Art in Europe, but also in US, where his artworks were recently exhibited, in New York Learning after several years at Silpakorn University, Vichit was first attracted by ceramic techniques and started consists fabulous works from his favourite subject clay.Art Lounge International has built a huge following in the Leamington and Warwickshire area,we just love the work!

He set up his own studio Bangkok, Eco-Clay, in which it has its own ceramic oven. His sculptures adorn and sell the finest apartments in Bangkok and Phuket.
His Ceramic are presented in most famous Art Fair, every year, around the World. Vichit Nongnual constantly search for new inspiration and love to spend time to understand and decode new world tendency of Art and Design. In his reading and his thirst to understand Western cultures, Vichit also consists of unique paintings that are only exposed very shortly...
They are often booked and sold before to be exhibited. We will remember his collection revisiting Mona Lisa, a great tribute to master Michelangelo, but if we explore his paintings collection, we'll see an artist with an very advanced technic, mixing his talent for realistic / figurative portraiture and abstract genre in constant evolution

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