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Mixed Media


Alexander Millar has a very unique style, famous for his 'Gadgie' characters inspired from his life experiences, he draws attention to the industrial age. Art Lounge international has built a huge following in Leamington after many years of representation in the local area of Warwickshire, we just love the work! Please watch this space for new arrivals, or contact us for more information.


Alexander Millar was born in 1960 into the small mining village of Spring side, a few miles outside the town of Kilmarnock in west Scotland. Growing up in the small traditional Scottish village gave Millar a strong sense of atmosphere, especially during times spent with his father, a British Rail worker, in the steam filled stations which Millar describes as the most romantic, nostalgic places to be. While developing his style of art, Millar painted his signature Gadgie characters, eventually entering his work into the Daily Mails "Not the Turner Prize." His work was selected as a finalist from over ten thousand entries and was exhibited at the Mall Galleries in London. Since then, Millar's works have been successfully exhibited across the UK.

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