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A boutique Queen...and a Chloe Rox vibe...

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

We are super excited to announce a new collaborative release by British Contemporary artist Chloe Rox. Art Lounge has been working closely with Chloe over the last few months discussing a new larger format boutique editions range to her existing print portfolio. We believed due to client demand are larger piece would fulfil todays trend for vintage rustic frames and larger visual centre pieces which are really on trend currently.

We picked out the Queen edition with its beautiful urban graffiti orientation and composition.Chloe has recreated it with slight alterations to the original paper edition making it totally unique.The piece will be framed in a slightly different presentation being stretched and float framed giving it a complete vibe!

We decided that to keep integrity and to uphold the collectable nature of Chloe's work that the bespoke atelier piece have a low edition of only 15 pieces,making the piece very rare and exceptionally collectable.

Pre orders now being taken for October 1st so please watch out for detail and see the shop page today for the drop! It's already creating a vibe!

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