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Andy Caddick ...its just Child's Play!

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Art Lounge galleries retail division is delighted to receive the new rather amazing painting by Andy Caddick...! it really is child's play. Check out the visual illusion that Andy creates in this new original piece of artwork called stick troopers

The illusion is that Andy has airbrushed a piece of A4 paper that has been stuck to a wall with masking tape and you are enticed into looking at the sketch on that piece of paper. On closer examination the viewer will find that the sketch is in fact not the centrepiece of the painting but the paper itself is airbrushed onto the wall, it’s truly #andycaddick #andycaddickart #andycaddickartist

a visual trick which is completely three dimensional!

Get down to the gallery to see this new fantastic range of artwork!

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