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Another sunny day at Art Lounge with artist Louise Schofield!

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

What better way than to start the day with stunning sunlight hitting the ocean cool blues of a stunning Louise Schofield piece of art. A newcomer to the Art Lounge International side the business. Louise has already captured a completely new audience with in the gallery with her dynamic unique style of painting including her signature ink florals and sailing regatta subjects.

"It’s almost as if I channel a piece of work rather than create it. Though I begin with a basic idea in mind, the work commonly builds on its own energy the flow of the ink encourages the painting to evolve naturally and spontaneously. The vibrancy of the ink is startling, which evokes strong reactions from the viewer as the emotions I put into each piece reach out to them."

“I try to capture the unpredictability and asymmetry of nature – just as no two flowers or trees are the same, neither are my paintings. Each one has its own distinctive feel.”

Art can be deeply individual and personal, and I therefore take commissions from clients, who may ask me to focus on a particular subject or use colours that match their home or office décor. Having also studied interior design, I can create a stunning piece of work that ultimately brings your wall to life."

"I am proud to be associated with Art Lounge international."

Keep tuned for new works arriving soon at Art Lounge!

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