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Carbonell's sand and resin unique works shock onlookers.

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

As part of the Art Lounge international range ,Raquel Carbonell's exquisite works have already taken the gallery by storm. The works were sourced by David our creative director as part of his campaign to bring the top european artists to the U.K market and vice versa to showcase our emerging British talent to the european collectors in their own native land.

"There is so much untapped talent in Spain ,Italy and Holland that simply are not getting the recognition they deserve,and our popular artists here are unknown in Europe. After 30 years in the retail sector of buying selling and curating art collections i felt it was time to expand the model and connect the U.K and European art scene,something that had not been done here before on a major scale in any case .After visiting the artists in Spain i was simply blown away at the raw talent that was yet to emerge there.I specifically recall what procured here some years back when Jack Vettriano was trying to establish himself as a new artist,many gallery dealers were simply to busy to look and his work was criticised by many and yet he went on to become one of the highest auction house sellers many years later. There are many "Vettriano's" in Europe waiting for discovery!...and we have them all signed and ready for sale.With Artists such as Jesus Navarro, Carbonell and Paola Cassais already selling out we know it will be a very welcome addition to our now revamped already established Art lounge Galleries . We look forward to building and forging relations with our Spanish and dutch counterparts in the near future and the fortification of the Art lounge international concept both here and abroad.The most important factor for me is the recognition of talent across the globe and reaching the heights of what they thought was the impossible."

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