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Coming soon the diamond in the rough...and Kerry Ann Lyons.

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Oxfordshire artist, Kerry Ann Lyons was first introduced to art at a young age when she was surprised to find a book with portraits in that her mother had drawn. Her fascination and interest for art was lit that day and has burned strongly ever since. So, thank you to my beautiful mum getting me started on my art journey.

Kerry is a totally self-taught artist, learning techniques and styles over the years and constantly practising with various media, finding what style works for her but always trying to increase her knowledge in art. Her love for animals and nature reflects in her work but also enjoys the quirkiness of paintings that make you smile and that you can associate a small part of your life with.

Her quirky sheep series will have continuous theme of characters starting with the naughty black sheep of the flock and a frustrated sheep dog that watches the flock in complete disbelief, trying to keep them all in check but losing control very quickly. She has been developing the funny characters and settings and putting a lot of thought into making people smile with each quirky piece. Her hope is to engage people that will then be anticipating the next piece to come out. What really will the naughty black sheep get upto next with the flock and how on earth will the poor border collie cope !!

Her ability to be very flexible in her work and media is growing all of the time, her love for big cats and wildlife found her latest passion for polychromos pencils starting with photorealism tiger. Receiving a big compliment when someone actually thought it was a photo.

The stunning new original work will be exclusive to Art Lounge galleries and will take after the popular Warhol genre with a luxury diamond dusted finish.We can not wait to see these in the flesh!

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