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Compressed Energy and Dignity.

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Rob Hefferan’s works are instantly recognisable by connoisseurs of fine brushwork, brilliant colour palettes and timeless pieces. Whether you’re an admirer of the stoic workhorse or the finely honed high-speed racehorse, you’ll love Rob Hefferan’s tribute to this noblest of animals. Their gorgeous lines, rippling muscles and sinews, glossy coats, flying manes and beautifully expressive eyes make horses an artist’s dream. These works combine passion, creativity and talent to create one of a kind paintings to adorn your walls. They instantly demand the viewer’s attention and capture the beauty of the beast at rest, work, play or sheer action.

Full of light, colour and energy, the paintings express the English love of horses in a way that few others can. Equestrian art created by this artist provides vivid images that capture the strength, power and grandeur of the horse. Clients can purchase a bespoke print from the available works in the gallery. Horses have been a popular and cherished subject for artists, sculptors, poets and musicians through the ages. Today, they may not enjoy such widespread popularity and they’re rarely seen outside the racetrack or sports arena. But there was a time when they were the sole mode of swift transportation and were used in peacetime and battle, in sports like fox-hunting and polo. In fact, some of the earliest depictions of the horse appear in the cave paintings at Lascaux which are believed to be at least 16,000 years old. Since then, various representations of the man-horse relationship thrived. Great military figures and the aristocracy were depicted riding or astride horses. The equine portraiture tradition was established in 17th Century Europe.

When you purchase equestrian art in York created by Rob Hefferan, you’re following a time-honoured tradition of paying tribute to one of man’s oldest and most loyal friends. Contact us directly for more information. In the modern era, Picasso’s unforgettable depiction of the central figure of the horse in his monumental work Guernica continues to astound viewers from around the world.

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