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Contemporary art in the studio and Craig Foord.

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Well we start off another franticly busy week here at Art Lounge Galleries retail with a stunning pre order original from British Contemporary artist Craig Foord.

Craig has been furiously working away to keep up to speed with his ever growing fan base and commission list and on speaking with the artist himself it is becoming evident that the demand for Sculpture and Art work is becoming a regular topic for discussion.

Craig has been accumulating an eclectic range of new works with exciting cutting edge trend colour ranges and is ever changing his direction and technique.We are particularly impressed with the artists vision and 'attention to detail' in the finishing process,in particular the resin coating.Craig has been experimenting with various thicknesses of resin and did not feel completely happy with the outcomes and felt that perfection was the only route in his search for the very best finish and to make his work the very best it can be, among his counterparts in the abstract art scene.

Craig adds"Painting is a way for me to release my locked in emotions - it's an expression or reflection of what I'm experiencing at that particular time . I like to capture these feelings and almost "freeze time" . The art represents me - I can explore myself through using layering , blending and texturing with paints."

"It is every artist's dream to be working with a gallery of such high stature like Art Lounge Gallery . The portrayal and display of my work is depicted exactly how I imagine it to be . It's amazing to be working with this gallery and have a great early success with them . I look forward to the future of Art Lounge Gallery"

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