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Enter the Wild world of Andy Caddick.

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

We are delighted that artist Andy Caddick has just produced another stunning original due in to the gallery soon .The exquisite painting depicts the artists own take of the world of the Wildlife study.

The part time artist works as an NHS Advanced nurse in a GP surgery in the West Midlands and so dedicates his spare time towards his passion of creating artwork. Andy is recognised by many leading authorities in the use of Airbrush, yet it has been difficult to cross over in to main stream commercial art galleries as often this media is dismissed. We spotted his talents over a year ago and have nurtured him to this point in his career and there had been times he had considered to give up his artistic ventures.The stunning new Artemis is the first of the new detailed wildlife series that is looking like it is going to be hugely successful with lots of early interest whist it takes shape and nears the final bell.It is wonderful to see the artist grow and to keep pushing outside of his comfort zone,this is where many artists are unwilling to go for the fear of failure...yet this is where your as an artist find your true strength in character.


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