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From Dublin with Love and Siobhan McEvoy.

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

We are delighted to announce we will be representing the works of the beautiful Siobhan McEvoy.

Siobhan was born in Dublin and now lives in Norwich,Norfolk. "My love of art stems back from my childhood when I was always drawing or filling my imagination with ideas!"

"I love the use of colour and enjoy mixing acrylics to create vibrant and beautiful shades and colours that have become my trademark. The majority of my work is bold and colourful and I use mainly acrylic on canvas." "My work is currently focused on the natural landscape and human connection with nature and I like to portray a scene or landscape in its obvious beauty of light, colour, and texture." "I enjoy painting landscapes as well as the nature that is on my doorstep. I am not consciously influenced by any particular artists and like to create using my own individual style. Art is my passion and something that makes me feel whole - I really hope you enjoy looking at my works as much as I have painting them.

I was recently commissioned to do paint a mural at Norwich Pub & Restaurant and that was a very rewarding achievement! "

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