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Full Circle..pastimes...memories and David Renshaw

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Well another look at one the first artist's that Art lounge galleries showcased in the early years.I remember David's work when it first was offered to the gallery back in 2001when the gallery was known as Warwick Studios fine art.The works initially were of a landscape nature and featured mainly idyllic mountain scenes and glowing dusky sunsets.David had considerable success and i remember in 2005 we decided to show a joint exhibition of both David and another rising talent in the gallery.It was at this point we had realised David was going places with sales coming in fast and thick with collectors already requesting commissions. We quickly moved on to commissioning some rather oversized works at the Warwick Street gallery and recall some breathtaking works were sold during an exhibition of British Landscapes.David's trademark was set and he quickly followed on with a new design to us at the time the now illustrious "Northern romance series". I recall David talking in the early years about how he enjoyed the freedom to switch his painting styles to a less demanding subject and how he used it as a form of release from the painstaking hours and days spent on the highly detailed landscapes.Well you can guess what happened form there! The reaction was one of sheer delight as we watched our collectors fall in love with the new style of work, it was so refreshing to see the reward from the risks he took back then and David's Northerns romance pieces now take precedent in the day to day output of paintings and are now only sold by a select few galleries who have extensive waiting lists for the highly collectable works.

We managed to dig out a few pieces form our stocks but here is one that caught our eye earlier featuring the famous MOG 1 number plate and the beloved Morris Minor cabriolet!

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