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"Health Not Wealth"..An artist's tribute with a subliminal message..

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

We are delighted that artist Andy Caddick has just produced another stunning original just in at the gallery.The exquisite painting depicts the artists own take of the famous girl with Red balloon by Banksy.

The part time artist works as an NHS Advanced nurse in a GP surgery in the West Midlands along with his wife and works as an artist in his spare time. Andy is recognised by many leading authorities in the use of Airbrush, yet it has been difficult to cross over in to main stream commercial art galleries as often this media is dismissed. We spotted his talents over a year ago and have nurtured him to this point in his career and there had been times he had considered to give up his artistic ventures.

The new piece of art replicates the famous “girl with the red balloon ”by world recognised artist Banksy and has been painstakingly recreated in airbrush to give an almost indistinguishable replication to the actual Banksy artworks that have been selling for astonishing record breaking prices within the last three weeks at Sotheby’s and Christie’s auction houses.

Banksy has notably been on the front pages of all of the major news stations across the globe recently due to the record prices that are being achieved at now three auctions in succession in the last few weeks and estimates have gone from £150,000 to now a record-breaking price which was achieved at auction last week for the Girl with the Balloon (rare purple edition). These hammer prices are deemed by most experts as unprecedented.

The piece Andy has created has been in titled “Health not Wealth “in which the artist wanted to send a subliminal message to the public by replacing the red balloon for a blue NHS balloon.

The piece depicts the image of the foil NHS Balloon being shredded as per the famous publicity stunt by Banksy himself earlier in the year .The piece of work and sends a poignant symbolic and subliminal message to the public that the safety and welfare of the NHS should not be forgotten at such uncertain times although the stark contrast of the recent success in the glamorous auction houses is still ongoing at such times of uncertainty.

Andy has decided to produce a special range of Original works in this theme from which the proceeds will go to the local NHS trust charity Warwickshire. Details to be announced shortly.

The original piece has been sold to an anonymous private collector in West Midlands area.


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