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Italian artists focus on U.K market.

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Well we are continuing on our european and international division with the addition of a new collective from Antonio Iannicelli.

Born in Naples in 1952, Antonio Iannicelli lives and works in Castelvoltumo, a little further to the north. As a boy he showed a talent for painting and cultivated it with love, taking the sea and the people of Naples as his inspiration. Iannicelli has staged numerous personal exhibitions in Italy and abroad, winning many awards and prizes. Iannicelli excels in coastal views and landscapes where he manages to render unusual aspects with expressive immediateness. Iannicelli draws a vibrant palette of colour and light from the beauty of his surroundings, As a painter he uses his materials as a language to communicate the sensuous and joyful Italian spirit. The clarity of Iannicelli’s work makes his paintings easy to appreciate and accessible to a wide audience.

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