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Jurassic coastlines ,Glaciers ....and Craig Foord.

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Elemental is a new captivating new range of original works by British Landscape artist Craig Foord. Craig is know as an abstract "visualiser" among his artistic patriots and critics and has always been fascinated by the use of light,he says: “I am inspired by the splendour of the natural environment and particularly wanted to focus on capturing the beauty of the Glaciers and Jurassic period. By capturing the magnificence of light, I try to visualise a moment in time where my viewers would feel as if they are in the painting itself from a time long ago.”

Known for his diverse and unique technique of painting in which he paints on to textured surfaces that are encapsulated in resins ,Craig says he is on a never ending learning curve. The new medium of the "Elemental" collection enables him to achieve a much wider gradient and colour spectrum with exploration of surface and adhesion, than in his more well known abstract pieces. In turn, his fascination for natural phenomena along with his love for nature and the concept of the universe are brought to life in his striking new works. Craig is hugely Inspired by the art of great artists such as Whistler,Turner ,Rothko and Richter and tries to use their influences in the new collection.

We look forward to receiving the first piece in the U.K to the gallery this week so please keep in touch to register your interest.

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