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Marc Esteve sells out at Art Lounge International division

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

We are delighted to announce that the long awaited Marc Esteve Tapei art fair pieces have all arrived safely with us here in the United Kingdom H.Q. All three pieces have sold already within record time so we are as ever grateful to our clients who have supported the gallery and Marc and are so excited to see the pieces in situ once delivered to their new homes.

Our focus in the past month has been to build a collection of strong paintings by the incredible Spanish realist painter Marc and in doing so bringing the very best selection to the U.K market audience.

We have had multiple enquiries from around the world this week with Marc's work becoming highly sought after. We have been lucky enough to have acquired some rather special pieces having been recently showcased at the famous Taipei Art Revolution Fair last year.

Marc's incredibly detailed realist seascapes have become sought after by fine art collectors globally ,with pieces now in huge demand in Europe and Asia as well as here in the u.k.

All three pieces featured in the Tapei fair were exclusively sourced by our international buying team for our own collectors here in the U.K and we applaud them and our european counterparts in the role the play in order to acquire the very best pieces.

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