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New works arriving from Jose Royo..a unique approach

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

We are delighted to be showcasing some rather unique new works from Spanish master figurative artist Jose Royo. Royo has been very busy working on some smaller oil paintings for his private clients here and abroad and we are pleased to be one of the first galleries in the world to receive them. The works are primarily on board as opposed to the canvas and so give rise to a slightly different approach both in textural form and execution,the results are quite obvious...dramatic and strong yet subtle in the overall striking and a somewhat etherial feel to the painting.

Royo can be found these days either working from his studio in Ibiza or Valencia,reminiscing his life works over coffee and juice, fresh from the sun drenched terraces and shady retreats of his beautiful flourishing floral gardens. In between meetings at his studios he allows collectors to visit him to view the new works as they are created, in relaxed museum like spaces with large "airy galleries "with cool tiled terracotta floors. One can not but feel the proud Spanish Heritage and atmosphere when visiting his studio .

Jose, when not in the studios will be found relaxing with his family usually during the early evenings enjoying wine and conversation,discussing new projects.

New Paintings

Two new works "La Tenura"meaning "Kindness"and "Movimento" have already been sold to one of our Private collectors here in the U.K and for whom we are overjoyed for in terms of adding them to their already established collection.

We are now one of the worlds leading suppliers of Jose Royo and are one of the main dealers here in the United Kingdom enjoying dealings in person with him spanning over three decades.

Jose is proud that Art Lounge International is representing his works here in the U.K and together we have plans for something very unique here in very near future and can promise to bring some very exciting projects for you all to enjoy.

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