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Rainy Day but...New deliveries!

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Well another crazy day for the despatch team at our H.Q!in Warwick,the phones were going again early with tons of enquiries flooding in for all kinds of different products.With such high demand here we found that the paintings were best shipped direct rather than to send to H.Q to store! another long day in the photo studio capturing these exquisite pieces for the site and social media platforms looks likely .Coffee is on and we strive on! Even Brian our delivery man was early today for a first! He mentioned he had get here early so he had time to offload all the orders!,many thanks once again Brian and his team.

We cant wait to get the long awaited showroom in Royal Leamington spa open again in our 50th year celebratory year (soon we promise). Due to the Coronavirus we have found the demand for contactless deliveries has soared along with click and collect and virtual exhibitions with our last online preview having over 6000 enquiries from around the world.

Another feature artist of today is Ben Wainwright's one off Tiger collection. Be quick as we will be releasing the works today for reservation with an opening offer of 25% off.

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