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Rock Legend Richard's rolling into to the gallery!

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Its finally here!,we have been waiting in anticipation for the exciting unveiling of the new painting by British contemporary artist Andy Caddick. Andy has not disappointed us as he just keeps upping his game and every piece is just getting better and better, a true emerging star in the making.

The piece is now finished after some intense work with the airbrush and the results are quite obvious "simply stunning".

The skill required to produce such a competent pieces in such media requires skills of epic proportion leaving no room for minor mistakes of any kind. Andy is pioneering the U.K airbrush art scene now with recognition now from all over the country as he lines himself up to compete with the worlds best exponents of his craft.

We have already been overwhelmed with interest with reservations coming in thick and fast.

We are super excited to be representing Andy and simply can't wait to see what will come next from the highly talented and extraordinary artist that many in the art world are tipping as the "next big thing" this space you heard it first here.......!

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